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Web Site Submission Guidelines

See the Calendar page for examples


  1. Image/photo: See note below
  2. Date(s): Opening-closing range
  3. Producer/Presenter: name & link
  4. Show Title
  5. Tag Line: Subtitle, "Directed by", "Starring", etc., 2-3 lines max
  6. Description: 1 to 3 paragraphs summary, cast list, review quotes, etc.
  7. Links: To artist's or presenter's web sites
  8. Performance dates and times: Detailed dates and times
  9. Ticket prices (Note: We will add the appropriate facility fee to the prices you provide. If you have already included the facility fee in the prices you provide, please let us know.)

For secondary pages, please provide the above plus:

For a printable sumission form, click here.

A note about images
The standard size for images on our web site is 250 pixels wide. Vertical images are usually more effective than horizontal images. Poster art with type included tends not to be very legible, so please consider giving us an image-only version--the text will be right alongside it. Please down-sample large images--please do not send poster-size images. Only one image is posted per event, but you are welcome to send us more than one to choose from.


You may e-mail text and images to us at Please include short text in the body of the message, not as an attachment. For text over 300 words, please send as attachment. You may also bring materials to the theater during regular business hours, or send by snail-mail.

Please allow 3 to 5 days for your material to be posted. Submissions may be edited for style, content, and length. If it's not obscene, hateful, ungrammatical, or a tome, don't worry about it.

Don't forget to put a link to Center Stage Theater on your web site!
You can copy and paste this one:

You may also copy and paste the linked logo at right, or the one at the top of the navigation bar, or any photo of the exterior of the building.

For more downloadable logos, see the Art Bin.

Logos for Printing

Right-click this link for the 20th Anniversary logo (tiff) suitable for printing
(4" x 6" @ 300 ppi. 1 MB Mac/LZW).

Right-click this link for a medium line-art tiff of CST logo suitable for printing
(1" x 1.5" @ 1200 ppi. 25 kb Mac/LZW).

Right-click this link for a small line-art tiff of CST logo suitable for printing
(.5" x 7/8" @ 1200 ppi. 9 kb Mac/LZW).