Center Stage Theater presents

Personal Stories 2020 - Group 1 Video

  • Jul. 06 - Aug. 31, 2020
  • Center Stage Theater
Center Stage Theater
Personal Stories 2020 - The Quarantine Edition!
Group 1 Video

Back pre-lockdown we started the process for what we hoped would be an April Personal Stories performance.  We put out a call for local authors to submit short stories - true stories about themselves that they would perform. We received some fabulous stories, and then life took a giant turn for all of us. It has taken us a little longer than we expected, and the stories will be delivered a little differently than we expected - but the stories must go on!! We can't yet welcome you back to the theater for a live performance, but we can share these wonderful stories with you, and hopefully raise a little money to help keep the theater alive until we can all meet again. We are creating a series of videos, each with 5 stories, that you can purchase for viewing in the safe and soically distanced location of your choice!  The videos will be released over the next few weeks, so keep checking back and follow us on social media.  You purchase your ticket, we send you an email with a link, password and instructions. The password and link are only available for a limited time - just like a live performance. We are making the tickets pay-what-you-can.  Starting at a modest $10, (we know these are tough financial times for many) and going up in stages in case you have some extra cash and want to help the theater during these incredibly difficult times. We turn 30 this August, and we are determined to be here to celebrate and be ready for 30 more!

Tickets for the Group 1 video are on sale now, each Monday for the next four weeks a new video will be released and will be available on the website for purchase. Follow the Buy Tickets button above for additional details.  (As we have all learned, things sometimes shift in the time of COVID so the release dates are subject to change.)

Our box office system is not really set up for exactly this situation, so it can be a little confusing.  If you use the Buy Tickets button at the top of the page you can then select which of the videos you want to purchase.  Ignore the performance dates and times listed at the bottom of the page, and do not be concerned if there is a note that says that there are no performances, the videos are still avaiable. 

True stories, performed by their authors - funny, personal, touching and heartwarming. We promise there are no zoom meetings, mentions of quarantine or sourdough recipes, although the Flying Nun does have a cameo!

(As we have all learned, things sometimes shift in the time of COVID so the release dates are subject to change.)

Group 1 – released June 29
Cody Minnick Free
Deborah Holmes
Tania Israel
Daniel M. Jaffe
Craig Ugoretz
Group 2 – released July 6
Meredith Brace
Carolyn Butcher
Tom Hinshaw
Kathy Marden
Dale Griffiths Stamos
Group 3 – released July 13
Anne Bach
Cami Helmuth
Gary James
Noah Lashley
Group 4 – coming July 27
Peter Fox
Susan Keller
Laurie Lindop
Meredith McMinn
Marylove Thralls
Group 5 – coming August 3
Lisa Gates
Leslie Paxton
Linda Stewart-Oaten
Jonathan Young

TICKETS - Pay What You Can: 
$10 Video Ticket
$20 Video Ticket Plus (and help the theater buy some hand sanitizer)
$30 Birthday Video Ticket (with a little gift for the theater's birthday!)
$50 Patron Video Ticket (Wow you are generous and we love you!!!)
When you purchase your ticket you will receive an email confirmation, with the video link and instructions. Please email us if you have any questions or problems

Follow the link below to view programs for each group, and for additional instruction sheet on accessing your video.

Group 1 program

Additional information on accessing your video link



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