• Jun. 07 - Jun. 08, 2019
A sultry and sexy production where dancers will captivate your attention through a variety of dance ensembles and nine stories of desire. Combining dance genres of burlesque, hip hop, jazz-funk, contemporary, and striptease, “Forbidden Desires”, performed by the Dance with Harout Performance Company, invites the audience into the mind of the Producer’s past, as it relates to desires he perceived as forbidden. Special guest performance by the LA Dance with Harout Performance Company on Saturday, June 8th. Harout Aristakessian, Founder, Choreographer, and Artistic Director of the Dance with Harout (DWH) Performance Company, teaches inclusive dance classes that are open to dancers of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of dance experience. His students get the unique life-enriching opportunity of participating in a performance from the early stages of choreography to dancing on stage in a professional production. For many participants, this show is their first time on stage. For more information about DWH, visit or email


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