Dance with Harout Performance Co. presents


  • Mar. 20 - Apr. 09, 2021
  • Center Stage Theater
Dance with Harout presents FantasylandMarch 20 Through April 4 - EXTENDED TO APRIL 9
Center Stage Theater & Dance With Harout present

The latest entry in the Center Stage Digital Arts Festival!

Experience Fantasyland by the Dance with Harout Performance Company from the socially distanced location of your choice, directed and choreographed by Harout Aristakessian. Fantasyland includes 11 dances in genres of hip hop, jazz funk, and burlesque. In Fantasyland, the bridge between reality and fantasy become interchangeable.  It's a place where stereotypes are deconstructed and societal rules are broken.  A stage ensemble of dances reflecting the awareness of what your authentic-self fantasizes about and goes on to live and fully accept in reality. You’ll be captivated by the individuality of the dancers, exquisite lighting and costumes, and the message found in each performance.

These dance pieces were filmed at Center Stage with full COVID safety precautions, and have been compiled into a fabulous video presentation.

On Saturday March 20 at 6:00 in a livestream event we will debut the video, followed by a post-performance chat with Harout and some of the dancers. Following this debut event the video will be available for on-demand viewing through April 4th.

While the pandemic has changed all our lives, it has especially impacted our local theaters and performing artists. This event is a benefit for Center Stage Theater and the Dance With Harout Performance Comany. Your support will help ensure that life-enriching arts and entertainment continues in Santa Barbara during these uncertain times.

Purchase your ticket, receive a link, and enjoy the play from the socially distanced location of your choice. Reflecting our current challenging times, ticket prices are on a sliding scale starting at an affordable $10, and increasing for those who are able to add a contribution to support Dance With Harout and Center Stage Theater.  

TICKETS - Pay What You Can:
$10 Video Ticket
$25 Video Ticket Plus 
$50 Patron Video Ticket 
$100 Sponsor Video Ticket 
$250 Angel Video Ticket (Wow you are generous and we love you!!!)

When you purchase your ticket you will receive an email confirmation, then prior to the March 20 screening you will receive a second email with the performance link and instructions. The link for the video of the play will be active until 11:59 pm on Sunday April 4.  Please email us if you have any questions or problems
Tickets purchases above $10 are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. 

To learn more about the Dance with Harout Performance Company, visit

Fantasyland Fantasyland Leader: Harout Aristakessian Crew: Kathy Doughty, Sandy Samuelian, Helga Wachholz, Mary Kelly  Romantic Fantasy Romantic Fantasizer: Laurie Deans Love Interest: Gwynn Boss Posse: Kathy Doughty, Helga Wachholz, & Harout Aristakessian  Sexual Fantasy Sexual Advocate: Shelley Meaney Sexual Fantasizers: Harout Aristakessian, Kathy Doughty, Rita Czegledi, Julie Taguchi & Sandy Samuelian  Grinchy Fantasy Grinchettes: Harout Aristakessian,Kathy Doughty, Shelley Meaney, Vanessa Campos & Julie Taguchi  Dirty Fantasy Lead Societal Rebel: Harout Aristakessian Dirty Fantasizers: Kathy Doughty, Rita Czegledi, & Julie Taguchi
Act Two  Dark Fantasy Inmates: Harout Aristakessian, Sandy Samuelian, Kathy Doughty, Rita Czegdi, Shelley Meaney, Helga Wachholz & Julie Taguchi  Direct Fantasy Direct Fantasizers: Harout Aristakessian, Kathy Doughty, Lori Givans, Vanessa Campos, Rita Czegdi, Josie Devine & Laurie Deans  Scary Fantasy Mental Health Advocate: Kathy Doughty Scary Fantasizers: Harout Aristakessian, Helga Wachholz  Cannibalistic Fantasy Cannibals: Harout Aristakessian, Josie Devine, Laurie Deans, Vanessa Campos, Julie Taguchi, Rita Czegledi & Kathy Doughty  Reactive Fantasy by the Los Angeles DWH Company Reactive Group: Harout Aristakessian, Nabulungi Anderson, Joselyn Padilla, Julie Taguchi & Kathy Doughty  Gender Non-conforming Fantasy Lead Gender Non-Conformist: Harout Aristakessian Gender Non-Conforming Strutters:Kathy Doughty & Julie Taguchi Gender Non-Conforming Slayers: Mary Kelly, Josie Devine, Laurie Dean & Vanessa CamposTHIS IS A VIDEO PRESENTATION, THE DATES LISTED BELOW ARE THE BEGINNING AND END DATES OF THE VIDEO AVAILABILITY.


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